Let’s Change Healthcare.


At Healthstat, we’re committed to working with you to reduce your company’s healthcare spend and increase productivity while improving the well-being of your employees.

Our integrated workplace health centers and wellness programs have helped clients big and small achieve their goals with proven results.

And we can do the same for you guaranteed.

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A healthier workforce results in a healthier bottom line.

Research shows that 25% of the average workforce consumes over 86% of an employer’s healthcare dollars.*

*Cohen, S. The Concentration of Health Care Expenditures and Related Expenses for Costly Medical Conditions, 2012.

October 2014. Statistical Brief #455. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.

What We Do

Onsite Primary Care

Whether coordinating with primary care physicians in the community or providing primary care in the clinic, Healthstat is there for your participant population. As someone in the unique position to augment their care and treatment, Healthstat providers help your employees navigate today’s increasingly complex healthcare system – and more importantly, identify any gaps in care and address them for better health outcomes.

Health-Risk Intervention

Our unique approach enables the onsite clinician to proactively attack root causes of health challenges facing their participants. Leveraging intelligent reporting, health coaching, and various wellness initiatives, Healthstat’s unique model moves “at risk” employees from pre-contemplative change states to behavioral change action states. This creates an environment of wellness and fosters a long-term investment in healthy behaviors.

Disease Management

Chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and obesity are debilitating health issues requiring diagnosis and ongoing treatment. Healthstat clinicians go beyond this standard practice by incorporating education, counsel, and proactive outreach into the long-term employee treatment plan. This comprehensive system improves the employee’s quality of life while reducing medical costs for the employer.

Occupational Medicine

Healthstat understands that Occupational Medicine is necessary to the health of your business.  A Healthstat onsite clinic provides convenient access to a full range of occupational health services, from on-the-job injury treatments to performing workplace drugs screenings and DOT physicals. When integrating Occupational Health into a Healthstat onsite health and wellness clinic, both the employers and employees win.

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A different approach . . .

Behavior modification is at the core of our clinicians’ approach through our exclusive partnership with Pro-Change Behavior Systems. By utilizing a proven methodology for producing the most successful health outcomes, our partnership revolutionizes the impact of our onsite clinics, allowing us to improve a population’s health and productivity by 30% while lowering the employer’s costs.

A higher standard . . .

Healthstat is one of just 16 organizations nationwide to earn the distinction of NCQA Accreditation in Wellness & Health Promotion, an important tool for assisting employers in evaluating the quality of health and wellness programs. This, in addition to a variety of independent accreditations, audits, and memberships to healthcare groups validates our dedication and commitment to superior quality and service.



A solution that fits . . .

Whether you have 100 employees or 40,000, there’s a Healthstat solution to fit your needs. Our model is scalable to even include dependents and retirees and is effective across all industries including municipalities, public sector businesses, academia, manufacturing, distribution, biotech, healthcare, and insurance.

A guaranteed ROI . . .

We value the importance of each dollar saved for our clients, which is why we’re the only onsite clinic provider to guarantee at least a 1:1 ROI within the first 18 months of center operations, making Healthstat an easy choice your company can feel good about.


“Our Healthstat centers are viewed by employees and managers as the best benefit our company offers its employees.”

Gary Williams
Vice President, Human Resources, Mount Vernon Mills
Saved more than $14 million over the last seven years

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Let’s change healthcare, together.