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	What We Do

What We Do

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	Wellness & Preventive Healthcare

Wellness & Preventive Healthcare

I have guys who have lost 20 pounds just by cutting out soda. That really gets them started on the right track because they like the changes they see. I can be more thorough with my patients than their primary care physician, and I follow them much more closely.
- Healthstat Provider

Patient engagement is at the heart – and soul – of our comprehensive wellness programs. We design a strategy to meet the needs of each client’s total population. But we never lose focus on the importance of small changes made one person at a time.

We inspire people along the path to making healthy changes by learning where they are and showing our support by meeting them there. We have programs for everyone and deliver industry-leading results. 

For the Individual

  • Personal wellness services including health coaching focused on physical, mental, social, financial and career well-being
  • Disease management programs -  such as weight management, diabetes self-management, stress management, tobacco cessation
  • Online lifestyle management system - with individually tailored, highly interactive wellness modules
  • Dietician services and nutrition counseling
  • Online portals - with engagement tools including 24-hour access to health records, appointment scheduling, secure communication with clinician, health libraries, meal planning, activity logs and syncing with wearables

In a Group

  • Educational programs - such as healthy eating and cooking demonstrations, fitness/physical activity, stress management, disease prevention, women’s health and men’s health
  • Challenges - including well-being, gratitude, physical activity, weight loss, blood pressure, volunteering, water, sleep

With each Employer

  • Annual wellness plans - based on employer goals, employee needs, engagement
  • Incentive campaigns - designed with the employer and maintained through our wellness portal

What can Healthstat mean to you?

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