Health Clinic Options for Medium and Large Companies
April 9, 2019

Health Clinic Options for Medium and Large Companies

By: Healthstat

As clinic programs and their ROI have gained momentum and popularity, so too has the desire of companies of all sizes to reap the benefits of cost savings. However, many companies still assume that onsite clinics aren’t a viable solution for medium-sized organizations.

This isn’t the case. There are several options for clinics - especially for medium and large companies such as:

Onsite Clinics

The most well-known option for a company to provide an employee health clinic is to host it on the premises. Implemented inside the physical plant or office space, this concept offers one or more medical and wellness services delivered by licensed providers to all eligible employees.

Originally, services were more occupational in nature, treating minor injuries and serving workplace health and safety needs. However, onsite clinics have since expanded into personal health care, distinct from occupational health and safety. With the same assurance of privacy as any community-based provider, these onsite clinics can provide many more services.

Due to this wide range of services (first aid, occupational health, acute, primary, specialty, condition management, wellness and ancillary services), you might also hear these clinics referred to as “health and wellness centers.”

Nearsite Clinics

Sometimes, companies don’t feel large enough to host a clinic in house. There are options for this situation as well.

The nearsite clinic is located relatively close to the employer’s location and can be visited by employees, just as if it were onsite.

Shared Clinics

Lastly, as the name suggests, shared clinics are typically shared by multiple employers, both in terms of office hours and cost.

Though similar, this model differs from the nearsite clinic model as it houses solutions for 2-4 partners. By splitting the start-up and operating costs with partners, medium-sized employers are able to offer the same convenient, barrier-free care to their employees at a significantly reduced cost.

Additionally, by multiple employers sharing resources, they are able to offer a clinic that is open more hours per week than if they implemented an onsite clinic. For example, an organization with 500 employees might only be able to implement a clinic part-time, but by sharing with other organizations, they are able to offer a full-time clinic.

The result of the care in a shared site clinic is exactly the same as an onsite clinic, but with significantly less financial obligation. We tend to see this model with employers of about 500-1,500 employees that want to offer an extended range of services that add value through both ROI and employee satisfaction and productivity.

If you’re interested in learning more about options for your health care contact us! We would be happy to get you in touch with companies who have used these programs.