Healthstat gets highest seal of approval for program quality
January 16, 2018

Healthstat gets highest seal of approval for program quality

By: Healthstat

The only onsite clinic vendor to achieve this NCQA recognition

Healthstat has earned its 4th consecutive Accreditation in Wellness and Health Promotion with Performance Reporting from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).  NCQA is widely considered the “gold standard” of accrediting entities. Healthstat is the only onsite clinic vendor to achieve this highly-regarded accreditation for wellness services from NCQA. We’re accredited for Wellness and Health Promotion with Performance Reporting, through December 4, 2020. The Performance Reporting designation means that Healthstat voluntarily reports detailed, NCQA-audited data on the “performance,” or results, of our various health and wellness programs.


Why is this Accreditation Important to Healthstat Clients?

This Accreditation validates our positive impact on employee health above and beyond our role as a provider of primary care medical services. It demonstrates our full commitment to wellness and health promotion for individuals and employer populations. By achieving this Accreditation, we’ve shown that:

  1. We consistently use evidence-based best practices in wellness services and health promotion programs;
  2. We measure and achieve favorable results.

Our Accreditation is punctuated by a score of over 97 percent as we maintain our commitment to continuous improvement.


NCQA: National Committee for Quality Assurance

WHP: Wellness and Health Promotion

WHP Standards: Demonstrate use of evidence-based best practices in:

  • employer and patient engagement;
  • patient privacy and confidentiality;
  • identification of unique patient needs and tailoring;
  • health coaching;
  • patient self-management tools;
  • patient satisfaction;
  • and more.

WHP Performance Measures: Detailed, stringent review of participant outcomes measure:

  • rates of completion of health risk assessments;
  • risk reductions in smoking, BMI and physical inactivity;
  • evidence that healthy people are staying healthy;
  • health promotion is being actively offered to participants in a variety of formats;
  • and more.

How does Accreditation work?

NCQA’s WHP Accreditation distinguishes quality services through a set of rigorous Standards. They require satisfactorily achieving a passing score in almost 250 individual Factors.       

For this accreditation, NCQA evaluates workplace programs that help people exchange unhealthy behaviors for healthy ones. NCQA standards evaluate:

  • How WHP programs are implemented in the workplace
  • How services such as coaching are provided to help participants develop the skills to make healthy choices
  • How individual health information is properly safeguarded
  • and many more

Among our key demonstrated achievements are:

  • Consistent screening for health risk behaviors
  • Counseling and referrals based on results of health risk screening
  • Individual health improvements
  • Population level health improvements
  • Effectiveness of our outreach program
  • Effectiveness of our compliance program
  • Effectiveness of combining our compliance and outreach programs together
  • High levels of patient satisfaction

What’s learned through this Accreditation process?

Performance Reporting shows that Healthstat consistently engages in best practices to achieve favorable patient and population health outcomes – and we voluntarily provide audited (aggregate, de-identified) information to NCQA regarding our results.


Healthstat Quality Improvements

Healthstat conducted in-depth Quality Improvement (QI) studies for our NCQA WHP Accreditation with Performance Reporting. Findings validated during the NCQA review process include:

  1. The Healthstat Standard Compliance Program (HSCP) increases employee participation and clinic utilization.
  2. Among clients that combined the compliance program with the Healthstat Enhanced Outreach Program, we observed our highest program participation rates (86%), clinic utilization rates (54%) and average visits per patient (3.86).
  3. Enhanced coding options in our electronic medical records (EMR) system led to more accurately capturing wellness/education visits. This allowed important feedback to our employer clients, and validates the provider’s role as a key source of wellness and health promotion for our participants. 

Learn more about Healthstat’s programs, the great results we deliver, and the continuous improvement processes we apply to our model of healthcare delivery. Contact us today!