Leading the Charge – Healthstat’s SAIF and NK Parts Awarded Healthiest Workplace Honors
October 19, 2018

Leading the Charge – Healthstat’s SAIF and NK Parts Awarded Healthiest Workplace Honors

By: Healthstat

Pictured Above: Employees of NK Parts, and partner Healthstat, with their "Healthiest Workplace" certificate

Can you name the differences between a not-for-profit workers’ comp insurance fund based in Oregon and a global supply chain management company based in Ohio? If you’re an employee of SAIF or NK Parts, you have more in common than you think: you’re in one of the Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America.

Springbuk, a health intelligence and data analytics company, administers the annual national award to identify the companies that embrace total wellness for their employees. “This year’s winners comprise our strongest class of healthy workplaces since we launched the program nine years ago,” says Rod Reasen, co-founder of Springbuk and the Healthiest Employers Award Program.

“This year’s Healthiest 100 Workplaces include organizations as small as 19 full-time employees and as large as over 150,000 employees. They span nearly every industry, size, geography and include both private and public organizations.”

For 2018, the Fitbit Captivate Conference took place in Chicago with the call to Change Behavior, Change the World. SAIF and NK Parts took home esteemed honors for the night.

SAIF came in at number 9, a partner with Healthstat since 2013. The company supports a holistic definition of wellness, meaning that social, financial, and emotional health count toward the measure of overall well-being. “We design work and our benefits package to support employee wellness goals,” explains Rebecca Wale, SAIF’s Senior Safety and Wellness Coordinator. “That could include learning something new, moving more, sleeping better, volunteering in the community, or saving money.”

Thanks in part to Healthstat’s partnership and its onsite clinic in Salem, SAIF’s Wellness Program has tallied major successes. Weight loss, lowered blood pressure, an improved work culture and 97% participation across its eligible employee population.

NK Parts jumped to 28th in this year’s ranking, from 61st only a year ago! Their Healthstat clinic is based in Sidney, OH and has been running since March 2018. The company’s aim is to be a cutting-edge leader and example of a health-centric workplace: “The heart of our program is designed to engage, educate and improve the health of our associates and their family members. This includes our [Healthstat] zero-cost onsite medical clinic, and a free fitness center.” An indoor basketball court promotes fitness and friendly competition.

The company also supports wellness with a healthy food and beverage policy, and they make sure to provide healthy food options at all company-sponsored activities and events.

This commitment to total wellness is needed to break Springbuk’s Top 100. Award applicants are evaluated across six different categories, including Culture and Leadership Commitment, Foundational Components, and Programming and Interventions. But long-lasting health improvements must be tackled beyond the work day.

SAIF’s CEO Kerry Barnett explains that their wellness culture occurs both on and off the clock. “That means linking employee well-being to injury prevention and healthy lifestyles on and off the job. The result is happier, healthier employees, higher productivity, less turnover, and lower insurance rates and healthcare costs.”

Congratulations to both SAIF and NK Parts for the much-deserved recognition! Healthstat is proud to be a partner in their commitment to total wellness!