Onsite clinics deliver more than services
August 8, 2018

Onsite clinics deliver more than services

By: Ellen Blaine, MPH

Employers measure the success of an onsite clinic in many different ways.  Accordingly, the priorities identified by the clinic's sponsor should lead the design of a successful clinic program. Financial, health and satisfaction measures comprise the broad categories of program success.

As seen in the chart below, the range of benefits employers gain with a good onsite clinic program is impressive.  At the same time, many people don’t realize that clinics also deliver an unexpected benefit. An onsite clinic boosts the all-around attachment of employees to their employer. Done right, the clinic program also acts as a multiplier of the employer’s overall investment in benefits and employee well-being.

First, let's look from the employer’s perspective at what they hope to gain from an onsite clinic. We’ll then turn to the employee perspective, and that’s where statistics reveal some surprises. Include an onsite clinic in an employer's overall benefits strategy and you'll find impacts that reach far beyond the medical scope of services.

What makes an employer consider an onsite, nearsite or shared clinic?


How does having an onsite clinic affect employee attitudes?

A 2015/2016 survey by Willis Towers Watson* shows the powerful boost to employee attitudes that comes with offering a workplace medical clinic. Employees are more likely to say they’ll stay with their employers when they have an onsite clinic. They report more sustainable engagement. They more often cite the employer’s healthcare plan as an important reason to join or stay with the organization. And, they are in greater agreement that their employer healthcare plan meets their needs.

Employers are often frustrated that the wellness programs they offer are not used to the extent they are needed. It’s here that the most surprising effect of onsite clinics can be seen. Employees are more likely to participate, track and sustain a healthier lifestyle when a clinician encourages their success. They better recognize their employer’s efforts to promote a healthy work environment. And, they are more empowered and engaged with the modern tools they can use for their own lifestyle management.


 Source: 2015/2016 Global Benefits Attitudes Survey U.S., as presented by Bruce Hochstadt, MD at Healthstat University: Forward Series 2017.

In record numbers, employers are implementing onsite clinics with common goals in mind.  They want to save money on medical claims. They’re looking to improve primary care access and health outcomes. They want to boost employee productivity. And they want to compete for top talent as an employer of choice. Onsite clinics deliver measurable improvements in each of these areas.

But let’s not overlook some additional benefits your clinic program offers. It’s a living symbol of your commitment to employee well-being. The onsite clinic makes a difference in how your employees feel about the benefits you offer them. And it helps them to stay more engaged.

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