What is an onsite health and wellness clinic?
February 18, 2019

What is an onsite health and wellness clinic?

By: Healthstat

Healthstat onsite clinics are health and wellness centers that employers pay for directly. The clinics are exclusive to the people the employer chooses to include, which may range from only employees who participate in the health plan, all the way up to all employees, spouses, dependents and retirees. Who is included, and the full scope of services, is ultimately determined by the sponsoring employer.

The employer dedicates the clinic to its employees (and families) to make it easier to get top quality primary care, wellness services and prevention services. The goal is to offer the right care at the right place at the right time to the right patient. Many services are available online and through virtual care, in addition to the onsite clinic setting.

Some basic and optional services include: 

Onsite clinics that provide general medical services are growing in popularity across all industry types. Among organizations with 500+ employees, employer-sponsored clinics are most commonly found in the healthcare, government and manufacturing sectors (42%, 33% and 17%, respectively). They are also common in financial and other service industries, in wholesale/retail, and in transportation, communications, utilities, entertainment and agriculture. Employers with 1,000 or more employees are even more likely than employers with 500 to offer this benefit. 

The logic behind onsite healthcare's explosive growth 

Why do employers sponsor Healthstat clinics? Because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When done right, an onsite clinic will help wrangle out-of-control healthcare costs and make them more predictable. And it does that not by cutting back on services, but by enhancing access to the kind of services that lead to better health outcomes, allowing people to live healthier lives at home and at work. Healthier people can be more productive, taking less time off for illness and medical care, and performing on the job with less distraction and anxiety. When you put it all together, it creates the kind of healthy workplace culture that’s attractive to top talent and lets employees know that their employer truly supports them in being at their best. That’s why onsite clinics are often described by employers and employees alike as “the best benefit our company offers.” At the same time, it’s a benefit that generates long-term, sustainable cost savings. It saves out-of-pocket costs for employees and holds down the cost of the health plan for the employer as well.

Controlling healthcare costs

Employers who sponsor onsite clinics most often self-fund their health plans, using the company’s own funds to pay healthcare claims rather than paying a premium to an insurance company to assume the risk. Since the money for claims comes directly from the employer, they have a vested interest in making sure there’s real value to each dollar being spent. Healthstat is a value-based model. We succeed by keeping people healthy and eliminating unnecessary cost from the system. We guarantee employers a return on investment from our clinic programs.

Our clinics save money by providing a cost-effective setting, focusing on prevention and helping each employer make smart choices about the services that will have the greatest impact on the health of their population.

Improving health outcomes

Just like the population as a whole, the overwhelming majority of employees have two looming health problems. First, less than 3% of US adults can check all four of these boxes: 

  1. get enough exercise
  2. eat healthy
  3. have a healthy body fat percentage
  4. don’t smoke

Second, under half of us get all our recommended health screenings when we’re supposed to.

An onsite clinic helps by providing easier access to services, which in turn makes it easier for people to get the medical testing, coaching and advice they need when they need it. Feedback can be more immediate and personalized, helping the patient clear their own unique hurdles in making lifestyle changes and sticking with a treatment plan that works for them. It’s easier to get an appointment in a Healthstat clinic, and it doesn’t take half the day to keep it. It’s onsite or near-site to the workplace, and we aim for a wait no longer than 5 minutes. Where patients do spend time is in with the clinician. They are encouraged to ask questions, understand diagnoses and treatments, and share in decision making. At the onsite clinic, patient empowerment is the watchword of the day – every day. The usual barriers to care – time, cost, fear – are lowered. With improved access comes improved outcomes. From a big picture perspective, Healthstat proactively manages the health of your employee population, closing gaps in care and providing patient outreach services. The result is better controlled health risk seen in key indicators like blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and body mass index. 

Boosting productivity

With easier access to the clinic for illness or injury, your employees can get in for an appointment and get the treatment they need before their condition worsens. How often have we all thought, “I wish I could get in and out and get back to business?!” What’s more, you can go back to work without the worry on your mind.

And when it comes to issues bigger than the common cold or a simple strain, it’s important to remember that in every stage of life, employees bring their physical, emotional and financial well-being to the job with them. An onsite clinic can open the doors to a full range of services in the clinic, online and in the community to help your employees manage their overall well-being. Our purpose is to help employees bring their best selves to work!

Attracting and retaining top talent

The labor market has never been more competitive. In response, employers are offering more creative benefits to appeal to all the generations in the workplace without giving away the farm. Onsite clinics are a benefit that will save you money while making your employees feel like you're spending it to truly take care of them. That’s why Willis Towers Watson found that employees are more likely to say they’ll stay with their employers when they have an onsite clinic. And, they more often cite the healthcare plan as an important reason for joining the organization – or sticking with it – when there’s an onsite clinic.

If you’re one of the rapidly growing number of organizations that wants a workforce at its very best without breaking the bank, consider sponsoring an onsite health and wellness clinic for your employees.

Learn more about improving your employees’ health and your bottom line. Schedule a free, friendly 15-minute consultation to see if an onsite clinic may be right for you.