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Your Roadmap to Clinic Implementation Starts Here

You’ve asked all the right questions preparing for your onsite health clinic. You’ve considered what services will be provided, how your vendor will measure ROI and VOI, and what kinds of care providers you’ll need. You’ve walked through communication and marketing plans and discussed ways to promote the clinic’s offerings to your employees. All that’s left is to sign on the dotted line…and then what?

In the mix of securing corporate buy-in, talking with potential vendors, and assessing your employees’ health needs, it’s easy to forget that clinic implementation is a vital step in turning your onsite healthcare program from an idea into a brick-and-mortar reality. And, the many moving parts of a clinic’s construction, set-up and official first day can make anyone’s head spin. This is why it’s so important to partner with a vendor that has a proven track record of successful clinic implementation.

Healthstat's Typical Implementation Timeline

Healthstat has built an efficient, time-tested implementation plan that lays out the milestones from contract signing all the way to day one of the clinic’s opening. This 120-day timeline takes all the guesswork out of implementation and provides measurable, actionable goals to ensure the clinic is ready for opening day.

Download the Implementation Timeline

Month 1

Once the contract is signed, we’re off to the races! A lot of work has already been accomplished by the time implementation begins, including discussing program specifics, client needs, and the logistics of operating an onsite clinic. But implementation is when it turns into reality!

It starts with a client kick-off meeting to flesh out goals, deadlines, and client needs. It’s the time to confirm clinic details like service offerings, equipment, and site lay-out and to ensure that everyone is on the same page. This kick-off meeting is only the first of many touchpoints. Healthstat’s implementation team provides the opportunity for weekly check-in meetings to discuss how implementation is progressing.

The focus on responsiveness and communication is a big hit with our current clients: among 16 clients surveyed, we received an average rating of 9.6 out of 10 for the “general responsiveness of Healthstat.”

Of course, Month 1 is not only about weekly meetings. It’s also the chance for Healthstat to:

  • Gather specific project requirements
  • Begin the staff recruitment process*
  • Obtain necessary business licenses and certifications
  • Establish a client’s Health Risk Assessment event dates, when applicable

* Many clients want to be closely involved with the staff hiring process, which Healthstat gladly encourages. After all, these are the healthcare providers that your employees will be visiting for their health and well-being. One of the most important steps of implementation is ensuring the Healthstat providers are a good fit for a client’s culture.

What are the client’s responsibilities during Month 1? Just two:

  • Work with Healthstat to establish and confirm target dates
  • Prepare for start of clinic construction

Month 2

The first month of implementation will fly by. What’s next after completing the steps above? Here’s what Healthstat will have completed at the end of 60 days:

  • Work with insurance carriers for claims data files and submissions
  • Develop a communication plan for initial marketing and employee FAQs
  • Review client-provided supply list to ensure everything is accounted for
  • Review clinic IT requirements

With weekly check-in meetings welcomed and encouraged by Healthstat’s implementation team, our goal is to do the heavy lifting of clinic set-up so that you don’t have to. Setting up a brand new healthcare service for your employees can feel like a monumental task, but our implementation team is well-versed in clinic openings of all shapes and sizes. Our 4-month timeline has been shaped over hundreds of partnerships. It’s based on realistic expectations that keep clients in the know while ultimately relying on our implementation expertise.

We’re ready for any questions, requested changes, or concerns a client may have from initial signing to the clinic opening (and beyond). Implementation is a success for Healthstat when our client feels it’s a success.

What’s a client to do during month 2 of implementation? They’re responsible for:

  • Sending test files to Healthstat so we can be sure we know who’s eligible to use the clinic
  • Placing the orders for furniture and other non-clinic supplies
  • Approving Healthstat’s communication plan for employee

Download the Implementation Timeline

Month 3

The third month of implementation will see a lot of finalizing and realizing of clinic plans. At the end of this month, Healthstat will have successfully:

  • Ordered medical supplies
  • Set up accounts
  • Implemented the approved communication plan
  • Performed HRAs, if applicable, to get baseline measurements of your population’s health
  • Interviewed and made offers to clinic staff candidates

A crucial component throughout the implementation process is consistent communication between Healthstat and our client. We adhere to the belief that a well-informed and involved client makes for a seamless implementation, and a seamless implementation makes everyone happy. Here are a few surveyed responses from past clients about what Healthstat’s Implementation Team does well:

"[They] communicate and provide a detailed implementation schedule."
"[They're] extremely well organized and knowledgeable, and accommodating to our needs."
"The weekly meetings are organized and communication is constant. Flexibility is also a strong point."

During Month 3, a client can expect to:

  • Send approved files Healthstat can use to determine patient eligibility to use the clinic
  • Ensure carriers have submitted historic and ongoing claims files
  • Support the approved communication plan
  • Complete clinic construction
  • Confirm receipt of furniture and non-clinic supplies

Month 4

Welcome to the home stretch! Days 90-120 signal the finishing touches to implementation, which means your onsite clinic is right around the corner. By the end of this final month, Healthstat will have:

  • Performed clinic set-up
  • Set up computers and printers on the clinic network
  • Completed onsite training with clinic staff
  • Opened the clinic
  • Started submitting claims to carriers
  • Transitioned client partnership from the implementation manager to an assigned account manager

The proud employer and new Healthstat client will only have two responsibilities this month:

  • Assist with clinic set-up
  • Help get the excitement going among employees

And then it’s Open House! In a sense, the first three months of implementation are a build-up to the reality of these final 30 days, when your clinic comes to life complete with all necessary services, materials, and clinic staff.

Of course, our implementation team is too invested in your clinic’s success to simply leave now that your clinic has opened. Our implementation team remains onsite to assist with continued training and guidance during a clinic’s opening days, while preparing to hand over long-term clinic management to a dedicated account manager. At no point during a clinic’s first few weeks of service does a client feel abandoned or on their own. A seamless transition to a clinic opening is an expectation for Healthstat’s implementation team, and we value the feedback offered by many of our past clients:

"The project plan was right on target."
"[There was] continuous follow-up of ideas and reminders."
"[Healthstat's Implementation Team] was very friendly, fast, and efficient."
"[There was] excellent communication from caring and competent staff."
"They are great at keeping the project on schedule."

When asked “How likely is it that you would recommend Healthstat Implementation Services to a friend or colleague?” we received an average score of 9.2 out of 10.

Let Healthstat Be Your Difference Maker

Clinic implementation can feel like a big project. Between finding or building the right site, interviewing providers, and ensuring the clinic is stocked with everything it needs, plus the various legal and medical considerations that come with providing employee healthcare, it can be difficult to imagine the steps from an idea on paper to a breathing, living benefit.

We understand that feeling. It’s why we’ve taken years of implementation experience and hundreds of client comments to create a seamless 120-day opening plan. With Healthstat as an onsite clinic partner, you’ll never be in the dark when it comes to the necessary steps of implementation. We work within your parameters and with your specific needs in mind to build and staff a clinic that’s unlike any other. Designed with your employees as the focus, it’s a clinic that will pay dividends and improve company health for years to come.

Connect with Healthstat today and see how we can be your difference maker. Partner with us and begin inspiring healthy change, every day.

Download the Implementation Timeline

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