Client Story

Healthstat is dedicated to a value-driven model of healthcare delivery and wellness programming that improves health, saves money and increases employee satisfaction.

What you’ll see in the client stories that follow is our boundless passion for problem-solving. We tailor each of our clinic solutions to the special needs and goals of the employer that partners with us. Read and watch real world client stories, and see how we deliver on our promise to provide healthcare as it should be: convenient, effective, life-changing and affordable.

  • When the City of Atlanta wanted to offer a revolutionary 12,000 square foot wellness center to its public employees, they relied on the experience and innovation that Healthstat brings to population health management. Listen to their story.
  • Want to know what effective healthcare looks like in the agricultural industry? The short answer: affordable, patient-focused, and specialized to population needs. Western Growers can show you how here. 
  • Find out how an onsite clinic can be cost-saving and productivity-boosting, as well as a major recruiting tool that keeps your workplace stocked with top talent. BB&T tells you how.
  • The Waukesha Employee Health & Wellness Center (WEH&WC) opened its doors in 2014. Since then, remarkable results have outpaced all expectations. Learn how a shared clinic meant a savings of $20.8M for three public sector employers – nearly triple what was initially projected.