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5-Year Anniversary Marks a New Beginning for Augusta, Georgia Employee Health and Wellness Center

February 15, 2019

It’s celebration time for the municipality of City of Augusta - Richmond County, Georgia. Having marked their 5-year anniversary with Healthstat, Augusta-Richmond’s employee health and wellness center has moved to a larger space and added staff and services. The expansion comes after a competitive RFP process mandated by Augusta-Richmond public policy that limits the term of vendor contracts. The new contract cycle allowed Healthstat to highlight our outstanding program results and value and bid successfully for the expanded scope of services.

Augusta-Richmond Employee Health and Wellness Center

Brandon King has been the Healthstat Account Manager for four of the Augusta-Richmond clinic’s five years of operation. He explains, “Augusta-Richmond County’s clinic has continually grown to serve more members and regularly sees the same utilization volume as larger clinics, with more staff.  Our staff are dynamite rock stars. And Augusta-Richmond County’s leadership has a true belief in wellness programming – that’s served as a tremendous undercurrent of support. From the beginning, they had a larger vision for the clinic’s services. Now that they’ve seen the consistent increase in clinic utilization, especially when it comes to effective disease management and prevention services, it supports their original narrative to ultimately grow the clinic.” 

Along with adding more medical staff, the clinic now has a dedicated wellness coach. She’s already building rapport with municipal department leads so they can invite her to get out in front of employees at a grassroots level. “When you have a destination clinic,” says King, “you build it and work to get people to come. With a role like the wellness coach, we have more latitude to be able to say, ‘I’ll come and meet you where you’re at.’”

Over time, Augusta-Richmond County has also expanded its annual Health Assessment and Biometric Screening events with Healthstat from a single day to two full weeks. They offer one event in the Spring and one in the Fall, which has the advantage of allowing a provider to come to the screening site to provide flu shots. Augusta-Richmond County has also added the Healthstat Scheduling Line service to book appointments with its expanded staff of providers.

Congratulations to Augusta-Richmond County for your clinic anniversary and expansion, as well as your recent network accreditation from the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) network accreditation! We look forward to serving you for many healthy years to come.


City Administrator, Janice Jackson and Commissioner (Dist. 10), John Clarke. 

Not Pictured

Central Services Director, Takiyah A. Douse; Tim Schroer, Deputy Finance Director and Kenneth Perry, Compensation and Benefits Director, HR